how to avoid real estate scam in Nigeria
March 26, 2019
victoria crest homes
April 1, 2019
where to buy a house in lekki
Alhaji had always wanted to buy a house in Lekki. After serving in the military for more
than 30 years, it was time to retire and he was planning to do it in grand style.where to buy a house in lekki
He had called one of his boys in Lagos and had told him his plan, they had talked for about
10 minutes on the phone with his wife passively listening in on the conversation as she
pretended to knit a sweater.
His wife, Turai had been excited at the thought of finally relocating to Lagos with all the
children out of the house already; Aiman doing a one year training in Photography in
Britain, Baliquees who had just gotten married and had moved in with her lecturer husband
in Kwara state and Kofo who was really focusing on her music, and was travelling so much
she hardly asked her where she was anymore. Right now, it was all about her and Alhaji, she
was not going to give in to the empty-nest syndrome, she was going to enjoy this moment of
her life just like she had decided to.
So, she had figured out that she needed somewhere new, a new experience, Abuja had gotten
too familiar, and she just could not wait to step out of her comfort zone and for once really
leave the North and experience the south for a relatively extended period of time, possibly,
for the remainder of her life.
Alhaji had just placed the telephone receiver back and had stared for a while at his wife as
she paused for a while on the knitting.
“Are you fine, Alhaji?” she said as she dropped the wool. “Emeka say make i careful about
the house wey i wan buy for Lekki, say scam plenty for that side o, but e tok say e go call me
back, say him uncle buy one legit
that area last month, say he go
ask am for the name of the Real-estate company wey arrange the deal.”, Alhaji said while
obviously meditative.
“If we are going to be doing this, we have to get it right, Turai”, Alhaji said. His cell-phone
rang this time, it was Kofo on the line.
“Kofo,where are you this time”, Alhaji questioned, looking concerned. “Ghana”, Kofo
replied. “Mother told me you are really serious about
buying that house in Lekki
Alhaji, well, i know how to get you a good deal”.
Alhaji said nothing, “I would send you the phone number of a very reliable real-estate
company in Lekki, Lagos. My Musician friend, Tiwa Sleek bought one of their
houses for
sale in Lekki
last year and she has had no problems whatsoever, Tiwa is balling.”.
‘Hmm”, Alhaji grunted. She continued, “you can check them out online too at
Victoriacresthomes or just call them directly Dad. With them i am sure you will get a good
deal and their integrity na sure thing, i will text you their contact”
“You have never given me any reason to doubt you Kofo, so just send the phone number, and
i will check up their services online.” Alhaji said as Turai said a high-pitched ‘hello’ which
obviously started after Kofo had gone off the call.
It had not even been 10 seconds when the telephone rang. Alhaji hurried to answer it. It was
Emeka on the other side of the phone. “Oh, Victoria Crest home too? Kofo, my daughter just
told me about them just now, i guess that is double proof then, i will check out their website
and then put a call through to them to set-up a meeting. Thank you Emeka, i am sure i have
found the perfect real-estate company for my dream-house”.
“I will see you when i come to Lagos”, Alhaji said, dropping the receiver and doing his
signature well-drawn out laughter. Turai smiled, heaving a sigh of relief, and said, ‘finally”.


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