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September 30, 2019


There are different kinds of residential apartments built by people all over the world from the very fancy duplexes and skyscrapers found in most parts of Europe and other fancy parts of the world to the Igloos that are largely residential homes built based on the environment, reflecting the climactic conditions of the area and the philosophy of the people.

This list will seek to expose you to other types of residential home options from people all over the world.

  1. Apartment

An apartment is an American term for a home where you live (British English: flat) in a separate home within a large building where others also have their own home.

This style of building is often called an apartment block. Or, if it’s very large, a skyscraper.

Apartment blocks are normally owned by a single company or developer and each apartment is rented by the person living there.


  1. Bungalow

A bungalow is a low-built one story house. It’s often small in size. Bungalows often have a veranda (porch), at the front and or back, which is a covered area to sit.


  1. Caravan

A caravan is a vehicle, which can be pulled behind a car or truck, which is made for living in. A caravan is also commonly called a trailer.


  1. Castle

Castles are large and often old buildings. Hundreds of years ago, many kings and queens would live in castles.

Castles are made with thick stone walls to protect the people living there. They’re also sometimes surrounded by a circle of water, called a moat.


  1. Condominium/Condo

A condominium is a style of an apartment which is individually owned. Normally by the person living there, although you can rent from the condo owner.

Each condo owner is allowed to buy and sell their own condo and own a small percentage rights to the land and common areas, like the gym or tennis court.

This is different from an apartment where the entire building is owned by one person or company.


  1. Duplex

A duplex is a kind of house where two homes are built under one roof. It is similar to a semi-detached house because duplexes are attached to another person’s house on one side but not on both sides.

Some duplexes used to be one house but were split into two homes.

  1. Flat

A flat is the British English version of an apartment.

  1. Hotel

A hotel is a place where you pay to sleep for a short period of time when you’re on holiday or traveling for work.

A hotel has many rooms which have their own bedroom and bathroom. Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott are all famous hotels seen around the world.

  1. Mansion

A large and impressive house. Similar to a manor. However, manors are generally old and in the country.

In contrast, mansions can be anywhere. Mansions can be old, or new. Most famous actors and singers live in mansions.

  1. Semi-detached house

Semi means half or partly. Detached means that it is not touching anything else.

A semi-detached house is a house that is touching another building on one of its sides but not on another.

  1. Skyscraper

A skyscraper. You will see many skyscrapers in nearly every city around the world.

They are made of glass and metal. Skyscrapers are used as office buildings or apartments.

  1. Terraced house

A terraced house is a tall but narrow house which is attached on both sides to another house. They are common in many European countries like England, Holland and Germany.

In those countries for instance, the whole streets of houses can all be connected to each other in a row.

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