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March 14, 2019
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Lekki is currently one of the most sought after cities in Lagos to live or invest in. It is located to the east of Lagos city and was once a slum known as Maroko. This was pulled down by the Raji Rasaki led Lagos State military government and has rapidly evolved into a modern El Dorado.

Only Lekki Phase One of the project has been completed so far, with Phase two almost nearing completion. Lekki phase One is classified as an area with some of the most eye-catching and expensive real estate assets in Lagos State, offering houses for sale and apartments for rent in the Lekki axis.

Lekki has dramatically morphed into a major commercial centre and residential area offering tourists splendid and exciting tourist opportunities.

Lekki is largely embedded in the lushness of nature, providing a mind-blowing and  tranquil environment due to its closeness to water, It is adjoined to its west by Victoria Island and Ikoyi, with the Atlantic Ocean flanking it in the south, Lagos Lagoon to the north, and Lekki Lagoon to its east.

Lekki is home to different housing Estates, agricultural settlements, and areas allotted for a Free Trade Zone, with an airport.

Here are a few reasons we really think you should think of relocating to Lekki


  • Availability of quality real-estate

For those seeking to buy land in a fantastic location to develop either for residence or investment, Lekki might prove to be the ideal location. With more than enough lands available for sale, you might decide to even build your own estate. With an environment that promises class, beauty, serenity and modern infrastructures all located proximally to modern state of the art facilities, Lekki is simply the place to be.


  • Maximum security

No-one aspires to invest in property marked up by insecurity. Lekki offers you one of the best security options in Lagos. Lagos has been described as unsafe by certain international observers on security, as crime in broad daylight has not been constantly unreported.

But Lekki has gradually reconstructed these statements with gated communities that are manned by security operatives, and no-one barges into another’s house without pre-information. The level of security in these areas are relatively high, offering residents an opportunity to sleep with their two eyes properly closed.


  • Real-estate

Whatsoever your real-estate plan looks like. Lekki has just the right one for you. Lekki offers a wide and creative array of opportunities for those seeking real-estate investment. Whether you simply need a place to live in urgently or you need to purchase land and build it to taste, or you simply want to buy a house that you can be proud of.

Lekki offers you the opportunity to make your real-estate choice with class and finesse..


  • Unique experience

Living in lekki offers quite a unique experience compared to living in other parts of  Lagos or even the island. Lekki is relatively less traffic-congested and -provides a wonderful diversion  from the corporate centers.

Life in Lekki offers a certain level of serenity and peace as compared to the mainland for instance. Not to talk of the available infrastructure, various shopping malls and Recreational centres.

In Lekki there is a place and attraction for everyone. Lekki caters to the child who loves amusement and likes to play, as well as the teenager who cannot say no to a good treat of the finest delicacies and to the senior citizens too who simply want to rest and flex in great ambience.

And of course you won’t have to deal with the traffic situation that seems to be the hallmark of  living in Lagos in recent years .


  • Status Boost

Moving to Lekki is often viewed as one of those unwritten criteria that you have made it. The Lekki community boasts of celebrities from all walks of life who are prominently balling on the top of their respective games. This ranges from big-time politicians to sportspeople, business moguls and entertainers.

Living in Lekki offers you the opportunity of networking with the big wigs of society ranging from A-list music/movie stars to your most influential or most controversial politician.

Living in Lekki is viewed as a status progression/upward swing by many in the Lagos axis and extensively the country.

So if you had never thought of relocating to Lekki, you already should start thinking now.

You can consult Victoria crest estates for all consultancy on houses for sale in Lekki and lands for sale in Lekki, be sure of excellent service when you do.


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