July 8, 2019
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July 12, 2019


A client who once bought one of the houses for sale in Lekki from Victoria crest real estate company once asked for tips on picking the right curtains. An interior decorator in Houston once reported that a house without curtains is unthinkable to many of us and come to think of the emptiness and incompleteness that haunts a house without curtains, awful, i can say. But closely related to having a house without curtains is having a house with poorly chosen curtains with materials that looks drab and unconvincing to the eyes and colors that seems to be conflicting with everything.

Picking the right curtains seems like a really easy subject, why even discuss it at all? Well, because many still get it wrong anyways. So, when it comes to getting your curtain selection right, the following tips will be pretty important to keep in mind

1. Fabric/ Curtain material
Some people keep one piece of curtain material without a change or replacement while others simply do not even give much thought to adapting their curtains to the season.
It is rather advisable to keep at least two sets of curtain materials, one for the cold and one for the really hot times. The Nigerian season for example is divided into rainy and dry seasons.
During the cold periods, it is advisable to stick with heavy curtains in order to minimize the impact of the weather, while in the hot season, it is nicer to put up sheer curtains to let in the light and further manage the effects of the heat. Having two sets of different curtain fabric will prove to be very useful in managing the weather and the climactic condition.

2. Height
When choosing your curtain, height still remains one of the most important factors. Most of the houses for sale in Lekki are usually designed to optimize for height but just in case you need to create an illusion of height in your house, it is recommended to hang your curtains way above your window and keep it just off the floor as opposed to the traditional way of letting part of your curtain run along the floor. You might want to use curtains to create a sense of height in your home decoration and make your ceilings seem higher than they actually are and the simple way to achieve this is by raising your curtains way beyond the window sills so that it creates an illusion of height to the viewers.

3. Combining colors.
The interplay of colors will be very definitive when it comes to how your curtain set-up turns out at the end of the day. So you want to make sure your color scheme guide is put to use. It is usually sweet to pick a color that is already existing in the room you are trying to put curtains in so that there would not be an unnecessary conflict of color in your space. Some opt for bolder colors in their space anyway, but generally, neutral colors have proven to be a one-for-all approach to colors when picking out your curtain colors as they seem to do well with a wider range of colors.

4. Creating a composition with your curtain.
As much as you want to be able to have your curtains stand out as an accessory in your space, you also want to make sure they blend in with the pattern and color-theme of the room and are not shouty or stand-offish.
For example if the color of your curtains are bold or very intense, you might want to create accents in your space that inculcates the same colors.

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