August 5, 2019
August 16, 2019


Nobody builds a house with the expectation that the house will one day collapse and fall to rubble. Most people buying Lands and houses for sale in Lekki, Ibeju-Lekki and its environs are often conscious of protecting their buildings against building collapse and checking for the integrity of these homes.

Building collapse is noone’s dream,  but this has turned out to be the reality for some people who have witnessed a building collapse, as building collapse has been recorded in some parts of Lagos recently, one in Lekki around 2016, with one of the most recent one occurring around the Lagos Island area causing a stir amongst the populace of the area and leaving the occupants of such houses in a gloomy and disillusioned state.

The building control agency of several states in Nigeria is charged with the duty of carrying out a non-destructive integrity test. This test according to real estate professionals is to ascertain the structural integrity of the building. This helps the state know if such buildings are to be renovated or re-engineered.

In certain cases where buildings are detected to have a defect, building owners are asked to take the test before further actions are taken by the state to clearly define the problem and identify the best course of action.

In reality, houses simply do not just collapse, these structures often gives out warning signs to the occupants of such apartments before the resultant collapse, according to quite a number of victims of house collapse and expert opinion on this subject, houses do not just collapse, rather, there are certain tell-tale signs you might see before that house finally takes a bow, falling into majestic rubbles,

Although building collapse could be as a result of some factors including Natural disasters, like tornados, landslides, earthquakes , or as  a result of structural defect in a house or most extremely a case of terrorism, these are some of the signs you might see that might just signal that your house or a neighbour’s house might just be in danger of collapsing soon.


  1. Strange sounds from your house during storms or a windy day

If you notice your house makes popping noises during a windy day or a storm, it could be a sign that your building might just be defective and if not looked into might be at the danger of collapsing soon.

When a house creaks, what is happening is that the metal parts contract much more than the wood does. As a result, the nails, pipes and air ducts rub against the wood.

Also, the wood rubs and grinds against other wooden parts of the structure, which creates the creaking sounds.


  1. Mold and water stains on ceilings and walls

Mold and damp stains on your walls and other parts of the house, especially the ceilings might be a strong indicator of water penetration and since these structures are often structurally reinforced to withstand and resist moisture, it might just be an indicator of weakness of such structure.

  1. Sloping floors and uneven spaces

Sloping floors and uneven spaces in your floors might be revealing or indicative of a sinking house.

  1. Foundation wall cracks

Wall cracks are probably the most obvious signs of the imminent collapse of a building. If you notice little or more obviously bigger cracks in your house, maybe it is time to acquire the services of an engineer to do a full assessment of the structure.

  1. Warped ceilings

Ceilings looking turned out and warped around the home is an indicator of structural deficits within the building that might need urgent attention and reckoning before the issue becomes a widespread one.

  1. Moving physical structure of the house

You have probably heard of people who recount stories of moving houses, if it is not a movie, and you notice your house making little movements or flailing against the wind, kindly report to the right authorities, this is a sign that your house might be prone to collapse soon.

  1. Deteriorating support structures

Deteriorating support structures could be as a result of using substandard materials in building the house which will largely influence the structural integrity of the building.

  1. Nails popping out of a dry wall

If you suddenly notice a good number of nails popping out of the wall around your home, kindly take caution and submit the house for assessment

  1. Door Frame/Window Frame Separation from Brick

If you notice your door or window frame severing itself from the brick that holds it, maybe it is time you call in an expert to asses it as it can be a sign that there are deeper faults within the house.

  1. Faulty foundation

A house is only as strong as its foundation, that is why it is necessary to make sure the foundation of a house is properly assessed and constructed to make sure the chances of a building collapsing is reduced to the barest minimum.

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