Victoria Crest homes is a real estate company, passionate about delivering excellence and providing affordable housing solutions that exceed client's expectations.

At Victoria Crest Homes, you will find whatever you are looking for in your Dream Home and more, all at a price that you can afford.

What’s better, our properties all come with flexible payment options, so that you can get your own home long before you are done paying for it.


Citadel Views Estate: Citadel Views Estate sets your peace of mind as the highest goal and, home to a select few with unmatched elegance in the Lagos City Center. Citadel Views Estate is prestigious, picturesque, energy-efficient, forging the most memorable experiences with upscale inbuilt amenities and modern finishing that offers timeless elegant spaces.

What are you looking for in your dream home?


What we believe

A great home is the ultimate reward of success

We see every home that we deliver as a crown of success and go the extra mile to ensure that it fits perfectly on the endeavours and aspirations of its owner.

Luxury is for Everyone

We build with the highest quality materials in every of our projects, because, for us, everyone deserves the luxury of an exquisite home.

The roof over your head should be yours

We are not just about delivering amazing residential properties. We are passionate about making everyone we come across the owner of the roof above their heads.

All our customers are Kings

At Victoria Crest Homes, with our ornate residences sequestered in desirably tranquil neighbourhoods, we only have one goal and that is to make sure you live like royalty, in your own home.

Now is the best time to own your home

There is no more rewarding investment than buying your own home, and the best time to do that, is now. All you need to do is give us a call.