Prioritising Sustainability

We are deeply committed to crafting sustainable housing developments that will endure for generations to come. By prioritising green building practices, we are able to deliver homes that are not only environmentally conscious but also comfortable and cost-effective for our clients.

At Citadel Views Estate, our commitment extends beyond constructing homes; it encompasses a deep dedication to environmental preservation.

This commitment is the driving force behind Citadel Views Estate, proudly standing as Nigeria’s premier fully solar-powered estate. Motivated by the desire to alleviate the burden of electricity costs on Nigerians, we embarked on a visionary journey to create a project that not only withstands the test of time but also pioneers a sustainable future.

This vision gave rise to Citadel Utilities, a distinguished brand specializing in the provision of solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Through Citadel Utilities, we enable the community to reduce its reliance on traditional energy sources and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Preinstalled solar powered homes

24 hrs stealth security

BIOGAS Renewable Sewage system

Fully Equipped Gym

2 swimming pools

Exceptional Recreational Area

Reasons To Own A Victoria Crest Home

Family Friendly

We prioritize creating family-friendly environments in our communities. We understand that family life is important, and we’re committed to providing you with a safe, secure, and enjoyable living space.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our primary focus is ensuring customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to comprehending the needs and aspirations of you, our client, and offering personalised guidance and support throughout the entire purchasing process.

 Additionally, we promptly address any customer complaints that may arise. This is to give you the best living experience you can imagine.

Community Building

We aim to bring people together and create strong, unified communities by organising events like the Victoria Crest Olympiad and the Victoria Crest Tournament. We also provide spaces for social interaction, such as recreational centers, gyms, and pool lounges, to enhance community bonding and foster harmonious living.

Investment Potential

Our properties are considered sound investments. Our strategic locations, high-quality construction, and impeccable infrastructure make our houses attractive assets that appreciate over time.

Strategic Location

We carefully select locations that offer a balance of convenience and peace. Our properties are situated in proximity to places of interest, while still providing a serene and secure environment.

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