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26B, UBA road, Bera Estate Off Chevron Drive, Lekki Lagos

We stand out from other residential estates because of our distinctive features, including a well-maintained and balanced community, an eco-friendly environment, 24-hour security, swimming pools, a fully equipped gym, a football pitch, a dedicated children’s play area, and advanced water treatment ensuring a supply of clean water. We not only build houses we build homes that make you thrive and enjoy a well-rounded life.

It depends on the house type as well as the project. But generally, it takes between 12-18 months.

  • 1 & 2 Bed Apartment
  • 2 Bedroom Terrace Duplex
  • 2 Bedroom Terrace Duplex with BQ
  • 3 Bedroom Terrace Duplex
  • 3 Bedroom Terrace Duplex with BQ
  • 4 Bedroom Terrace Duplex
  • 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Terrace with BQ
  • 5 Bedroom Semi-Detached Terrace with BQ
  • 5 Bedroom Fully Detached Terrace with BQ

20% of the value of the house you are purchasing.

This depends on the location, as well as the property type but generally, within 2-3 years, you can get a rental yield of 7-10%.

Yes. We have payment plans available for all our projects.

Our payment plans run during our construction periods, which are between 12-18months. The initial deposit is 30% to 50%.

You can spread your balance during the payment plan period.

All our estates are managed by our facility management company – Dream Court Facility Management Company (DCFM) 

Yes you can rent out your house

Yes. All our estates are fully serviced round the clock for your comfort and convenience.

You can benefit from investing in three ways:

  1. Earning ROI – Our clients that buy at off-plan stage enjoy over 30% in ROI upon project completion, between 12 to 24 months.
  2. Rental Income – Our clients from our various estates earn between 10 to 13% rental income across house types.
  3. AirBnB – Our shortlet clients earn over 12 million naira on average yearly.

All our clients have reported earning massive returns on investment (ROI) within the space of 14 years.

We do not offer the rent-to-own option at the moment

Yes. We have partnered with mortgage banks that can give funding to clients.

Please note: Funding is dependent on the client’s eligibility based on the mortgage bank’s assessment.

We have working relationships with our mortgage bank partners. We would introduce the intending client to the banks.

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