7 of the Best Places to Live in Lagos Island

Best Places to Live in Lagos Island

Lagos Island has some of the best places to live.

From great residential areas, superb commercial hubs, down to the rich social buffet, you can never go wrong getting a home on the Island.

This is why it is the choice residential location for intentional families, business executives, expats, celebrities, you, and some of the 16,536,000 people who currently live in Lagos.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best places you can live in Lagos Island. While some of them are major districts like Lekki and Victoria Island, the others are some of our readers’ favourite neighbourhoods like Chevron Drive and Orchid Road.

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7 of the Best Places to Live on Lagos Island

A lot has been said about the advantages of residing in these high-end residential areas. Below are some of the best places to live in Lagos Island.

Victoria Island

Victoria Island is a highbrow location in Lagos Island with buildings and properties that scream luxury. Popularly called VI, this exotic area boasts of residential areas with some buildings worth billions. Besides the upscale residential building, there are also commercial properties with towering skyscrapers headquartering major financial institutions and multinational corporations. 

Victoria Island also has a wide range of recreational and social attractions. There are high-end bars, restaurants, and cafes loaded with goodies for all manner of tastes. There are also spots like galleries and theatres to satisfy your art palettes.

Living in Victoria Island also gives you access to important social and professional networks you can benefit from. You can join clubs Like Capital Club, Victoria Island Lions Club, Victoria Island Residents Association (VIRA), and Victoria Island Rotaract Club.

From its active business hub, luxurious infrastructures, and racially diverse population, down to the enhanced security measures; Victoria Island lives up to its name as the heart of Lagos. Which is why it is one of the best places to live in Lagos Island if you are not on a budget.

Popular Neighborhoods in Victoria Island: Akin Adesola, Adetokumbo Ademola, Ahmadu Bello Way, Oniru Estate, VI Extension, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, and Sanusi Fafunwa Street.

Popular landmarks in VI: Bar Beach, Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos Oriental Hotel, Civic Centre, Tafa Balewa Square, The Nigerian Stock Exchange Exchange (NSE), Landmark Centre, Silverbird Galleria, and Muri Okunola Park.


Everyone I interviewed for this article couldn’t stop listing Ikoyi as part of the best places to live in lagos Island. Some even mentioned it four times. But can you blame them? Ikoyi has earned a place in this article with its signature blend of luxury and style, with an artful intermingling of greenspaces.

Ikoyi is surrounded by water bodies like the Lagos lagoon and Five Cowrie Creek. This means that there are a good number of waterfront properties with views to die for. But beyond that, living in Ikoyi offers similar advantages that Victoria Island does:

  • Proximity to business districts
  • Exclusive amenities
  • High-end gated neighbourhoods
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • And a reliable social network

Like Victoria Island, Ikoyi has a long history of housing the expatriate British community since the 1900s when it was developed. All the aesthetic affluence present in Ikoyi and the VIP residents is probably why it is called the Beverly Hills of Lagos. This and other aforementioned reasons are why Ikoyi should be top on your list of places to live in Lagos Island.

Popular neighbourhoods in Ikoyi: Banana Island, Old Ikoyi, Osborne Foreshore Estate, Bourdillon Road, Awololo Road, Alexander Road, and Ikoyi GRA. 

Popular Landmarks in Ikoyi: Ikoyi Club 1938, Takwa Bay Beach, Lagos Motor Boat Club, Ikoyi Golf Club, Banana Island, The Lagos Jet Ski Riders Club, 


Lekki is probably the most popular place in Lagos Island. In fact, artistes like MI Abaga, Ric Hassani, and Blaq have written songs about it. While there are some places in Lekki with low-income neighbourhoods, some areas in Lekki have infrastructures and upscale amenities that could match those in Victoria Island and Ikoyi.

However, while a bulk of the infrastructure in Ikoyi and VI are commercial in nature; Lekki’s real estate is more residential. Due to the relative affordability of the properties and proximity to popular hubs on the Island, individuals are moving into Lekki in droves.

Like the other two popular neighbourhoods, Lekki also has luxurious infrastructure, secure communities, high-end facilities, and most of the advantages you will expect from a developing neighbourhood. 

While a great portion of the Lekki space is undeveloped, one of the standout features of Lekki is the fact that developers are actively making some of the most uninhabitable places livable.

Popular neighbourhoods in Lekki: Lekki Phase 1, Abraham Adesanya, Chevron Drive, Agungi, Osapa London, and Ikate Elegushi.

Popular landmarks in Ikoyi: Lekki Conservative Center, Nike Art Gallery, IMAX Cinema, Omu Resort, the Good Beach, and Elegushi Royal Beach.


Ajah is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Lagos Island. Like VI and Ikoyi, Ajah is steeped in history. Some of its first settlers are fishermen; this is not shocking as Ajah is surrounded by water and some residents have the privilege of owning properties with a view of the water.

Compared to other neighbourhoods, Ajah is slowly becoming the most preferred residential hub in Lagos Island for individuals who want “affordable luxury” in terms of homes. Like the neighbouring Lekki, developers are working round the clock to turn the suburban Ajah into a Victoria Island. If you are looking for luxury on a budget or need affordable houses on Lagos Island, Ajah is the place for you.

Popular neighbourhoods in Ajah: Badore, Langbasa, Sangotedo, Abraham Adesanya, Ajah GRA, Victoria Crest Homes Estate, and Citadel Views Estate.

Popular landmarks in Ajah: Lagos Business School, Pan Atlantic University, Lagos State Model College, Novare Lekki Mall, Lufasi Park, Atican Beach Resort, Addo Road, and the popular Ajah Market. 


Ikate is a neighbourhood on the island surrounded by Lekki Phase 1, Osapa London, Agungi, Chevron, Oniru, and VI. It is located within the Lekki Peninsula, and Ikate is one of the best places to live in Lagos Island.

Ikate has been referred to as a low-budget Lekki Phase 1. But the calibre of its residents tell a different story. Some of the most popular artists in Nigeria are based there. Plus its proximity to the core business districts makes it a favourite for most residents.

Popular Landmarks in Ikate: Circle Mall, Ebeano Supermarket, Genesis Deluxe Cinema, Ikate-Elegushi Beach, and Victoria Crest Homes.

Chevron Drive


Like Ikate, Chevron Drive is part of the larger Lekki Peninsula. It is a major road that has become associated with the gated estates and luxurious infrastructures nestled in the Chevron axis.

You can find Chevron Drive between VGC and Igbo Efon. Like most neighbourhoods close to Lekki Phase 1, Chevron Drive is a balance between the upper and middle class, with a sprinkle of “working class.” Most of the estates are gated, offer maximum security, have constant power, clean water, and are close to major business districts.

Orchid Road

Orchid Road is the least popular location on this list. This is because it is technically under Lekki Phase 2. You will find Orchid Road off the Lekki-Ekpe highway, flanked on both sides by Chevron Drive and Victoria Garden City.

The development on Orchid Road is similar to that in Ajah, with magnificent estates pulling up on all sides, transforming a quiet neighbourhood into a real estate hot cake. Orchid Road is the perfect residential location for most people due to its proximity to major roads like the Lekki-Epe Expressway, and major landmarks like The 2nd Toll Gate, VGC, and Chevron Drive.

As a recap, some of the best places to live in Lagos Island include:

  1. Victoria Island
  2. Ikoyi
  3. Lekki
  4. Ajah
  5. Ikate
  6. Chevron Drive
  7. Orchid Road

Advantages of Living on Lagos Island

best places to live in Lagos Island

Having lived here for years and from conversations with several other residents, it is clear that there are tons of benefits associated with living in Lagos Island. Some of the advantages of residing in Lagos Island include:

i. Proximity to business districts

ii. Exclusive neighbourhoods

iii. Investment value

iv. Social Buffet

v. Proximity to high-end establishments

vi. Proximity to quality essential services

Proximity to Business Districts

Some of the biggest multinationals and largest local organisations in Nigeria are located in Lagos Island. Their staff who live on the Mainland drive an average of two hours to get to work everyday due to the distance and traffic congestion.

But for those who live on the Island, the case is different. Living on Lagos Island gives you proximity to important business districts, commercial hubs, and your daily 2k. This basically saves you time, reduces the stress of long driving, and in some sense, grants you access to opportunities most people on Lagos Mainland are strangers to.

Exclusive Neighbourhoods

There are a few flaws in the beauty that Lagos boasts, especially if you live in certain places. Some of these are insecurity, noise, and the general low quality of life.

But living in exclusive neighbourhoods on Lagos Island exempts you from these disadvantages due to the premium security, privacy, and quality of life in the typical Lagos Island neighbourhood.

Also, there is also another angle to the exclusive neighbourhood factor. One of the major reasons people buy houses or rent properties in exclusive neighbourhoods is due to the status and prestige associated with living there. But are they wrong? Living in Lagos Island is a status symbol that has an impact on the quality of your circle and the opportunities available to you, especially in our society that is inherently classist.

Investment Value

Besides the aesthetic, safety, and exclusivity consideration, there is also a real estate investment angle to owning properties in Lagos Island. Typically, the value of properties in great locations tend to skyrocket or atleast remain stable.

Houses on Lagos Island are not exempt from this. Due to the high demand for properties in those areas and the ever-increasing development in and around it, the value of your home will hit new heights annually.

Basically, real estate is an investment asset class. So, getting a house on the island promises not just access to cash flow [if you’re renting], but a tangible asset that appreciates and serves as a collateral to finance other businesses. This is why real estate investors in Nigeria prefer Lagos Island.

Social Buffet

Lagos is a network of hubs crawling with lounges, clubs, and other establishments that cater to the insatiable social appetite of Lagosians. If you think New York is a city that never sleeps, then you haven’t met Lagos Island. There is always someone somewhere holding doors for anyone anywhere in Lagos Island looking to have fun, spend time with family and friends, or meet with business partners.

Proximity to High-end Establishments

Need a place to buy original Chanel bags, get a great coffee, shop for the kids, or handle other private matters? You will find tons of these on the Island. Some of the exceptional restaurants, malls, churches, and other establishments that cater to your essential needs are also within your reach.

Proximity to Quality Essential Services

For families, their consideration when buying houses anywhere factors in major essential services like healthcare and minor but important ones such as education. It is a general belief that the standard of hospitals and schools on the island are top notch.

This is why Lagos Island is the perfect residential location for couples, due to the proximity to quality schools and also the quality of healthcare services plus drugs in the hospitals/pharmacies around their neighbourhoods.

Disadvantages of Living in Lagos Island

You are most likely here because you are considering relocating to Lagos Island or moving from one neighbourhood on the Island to the other. It would be wrong to tell you about all the great parts about living in these greater parts of Lagos Island without talking about the disadvantages too. 

Below are some of the most general disadvantages that affect a greater portion of the aforementioned location.

  1. High Cost of living
  2. Water problems
  3. Traffic Congestion

High Cost of Living:

There is a Nigerian adage that says, “better soup na money killám”. It means that money influences the taste of a great soup. It is the same thing with living on the island. From major responsibilities like rent, down to minor costs like utility, most things on the island are expensive.

So, if you plan to live on or move to the island. Get ready to deal with exorbitant prices that border on the ridiculous.

Water Problems

It is almost general knowledge at this point that there is a water problem on the island. This is ironic considering the abundance of water surrounding Lagos Island. The water problems manifest in various forms:

a. The water is scarce in some places, but clean while it is

b. In other places, water supply is abundant but the water is colored 

c. The third category refers to places with irregular supply of water that are usually dirty.

Although a lot of highbrow neighborhoods like Citadel Views 2.0 Estate have access to clean water; you should still do your due diligence about water supply before moving into any neighborhood in Lagos Island.

Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion has become synonymous with the word Lagos. In Lagos Island specifically, the Lagos-Epe highway is a signature spot for traffic congestion, especially during rush hours.


The aforementioned are some of the best places to live in Lagos. If you are considering owning a home for personal use or rental purposes, call us at 07000200824 or send us a mail at info@victoriacresthomes.ng.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Island do the wealthiest people in Lagos live on?

The wealthiest people in Lagos live in Banana Island, Ikoyi. But you can still find some of the wealthiest Nigerians in Victoria Island, Lekki, or Ikeja [on the mainland].

Where is the best area to live in Lagos Island?

Some of the best areas to live in Lagos Mainland are Ikeja, Yaba, and Surulere. While on the Island, some of the best places include Ikoyi, Lekki, Ikate, Orchid Road, and Victoria Island.

Where is the best place to live in Lagos Island?

Ajah is the best area to live in Lagos Island if you want comfort on a budget, however, if you can afford it, Ikoyi and Victoria Island have some of the best residential properties for you.

How much does it cost to live on Lagos Island?

The cost depends on a lot of factors, including the neighbourhood. However, budget from 500k to 2M on average.

Where do expats live in Lagos?

Expats in Lagos live in Ikoyi and other parts of Lagos Island with Nedcomoaks homes.

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